Double Standard of Powers that be

The Victims of Pure State-Terrorism

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The pure evil of state-terrorism
Double standard has become the most established norm in world politics; one rule for the Muslims and another rule for the non-Muslims is now visible everywhere. If a terrorist attack takes place in a western city by a Muslim, the western governments, the European Union, the media outfits, even the UN Security Council, spare no time to condemn it. The US President Donald Trump quickly grabs it as an opportunity to express anger and hatred against Islam. Such condemnation by the western leaders is very selective -only to promote their anti-Muslim bias and animosity. Because of such hateful mind-set, any act of terrorism even by a lone Muslim bomber –without any involvement of any Muslim state or institution, is labelled as Islamic terrorism. Thus, Islam –the religion of 1.6 billion Muslims gets vilified. But such condemnation doesn’t happen if the Muslims become the target of non-Muslim terrorists.

The Islamophobic media of both the eastern and the western world have been very successful to hide the truth that the worst and the most barbaric acts of terrorism is not taking place in any of the western cities or villages. Nor by any Muslim state, group or individual. Whereas, it is an everyday crime against the Muslims in villages and cities in Myanmar, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Mindanao, Xinjiang, Chechnya, Mali and many other parts of the Muslim World. Moreover, the crimes are not committed by any sleeping cell terrorists; nor by any knife or home-made bomb. It is the work of massive military might of the occupying countries like US, Russia, Israel, India and China. The deaths and destructions caused by the sleeping cell terrorists are indeed peanut in comparison to that caused by these state-run terrorists. Bombs, drones, barrel bombs, depleted uranium bombs and missiles work as the effective killing machines in the hands of these state-owned killers.

The destruction of Grozny, Gaza, Kobani, Aleppo, Mosul, Ramadi, Kirkuk, Fallujah, Raqqa and many other Muslims cities and forceful eviction of the inhabitants of these cities are indeed the text book examples of the state-run terrorism. They have been very successful to kill more than a million of Muslims and evict many more millions from their homes. In Arakan, Myanmar Army is following the same roadmap.  In the past, the forces of the same state-terrorism almost completely cleansed the Red Indians from America, the Aborigines from Australia and Maoris from New Zealand. But the perpetrators of such pure evil on earth are not called Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or Chinese terrorist. Even they are not called terrorist either. The word “terrorist” is reserved only for a Muslim. It is an obvious double standard.

Because of such anti-Islamic bias and hatred, one can’t find condemnation and anger against the brutal state terrorism that kills, rapes and blaze the Muslim men, women and children in different parts of the world. The case of genocidal ethnic cleansing in the Rakhine state of Myanmar is indeed the recent example of the most brutal form of state terrorism. In less than three weeks, more than half a million people are evicted from their ancestral homes. More than three thousands Rohingya Muslim men, women and children are slaughtered. Thousands of the women are raped and more than half of the Rohingya villages are burnt down to ashes and made completely inhabitable. The perpetrators of the crimes are the Army, police, security apparatus, state administration, the Buddhist monks and the racist mobs. Although all the terrorist acts in Arakan are exclusively committed by the Buddhists, but no body calls them the Buddhist terrorist. It shows how the corrosive propaganda shapes people’s political narratives.

The worst crime & the lie
Those who can kill, rape, torture and ethnically cleanse people without an iota of remorse, can also tell massive lies without any hesitation. The Myanmar Government -especially its Army, is a perfect example of that. Recently the Army claimed that its recent operation started only after the attack of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) on police posts. The Army also denies any ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims. But the report recently published by the UN human rights office (the Guardian, 11/10/2017) tells exactly the opposite. The investigators of the UN organisation found proofs that the Army’s “clearance operations” began before the insurgent attacks on police posts on 25 August. The catalogue of crimes included killings, torture, rape and even rape of children. The UN report also tells that the Myanmar security forces purposely destroyed the property of the Rohingyas. They scorched their dwellings in the northern Rakhine State -not only to drive the population out of the area, but also to prevent them from returning to their homes. The UN report mentions that landmines were planted along the border to stop the return.

The UN report also exposed some horrendous crimes committed by the Army against the young Rohingya people. For example, it quoted a 12-year-old girl from Rathedaung township of Arakan. The girl told: “The security forces surrounded our house and started shooting. It was a situation of panic. They shot my sister in front of me. She was only seven years old. She cried and told me to run. I tried to protect her and care for her, but we had no medical assistance on the hillside and she was bleeding so much that after one day she died. I buried her myself.” The girl didn’t know what happened to her mother and four brothers, nor about her father who was jailed a month earlier. The UN report also gave a description how the security forces -often joined by the mob of armed Rakhine Buddhists, destroyed houses, fields, food stocks, crops and livestock of the Rohingya people. It is the premeditated destruction of properties and houses to make the prospect of Rohingya Muslims returning back to normal lives “almost impossible”. The villages, houses, water sources, crops, shops, food sources and livestock of the Rohingya Muslims have been so badly devastated that if the Myanmar government is forced to take them back, they will have nowhere to go. They can only be jam-packed only in concentration camps -as happened to those who returned after the similar previous evictions.

Now, the architects of state-terrorism have started to manufacture new lies. While the Myanmar government’s genocidal crime of ethnic cleansing has been exposed worldwide, they are now trying to hide it in every possible ways. Telling lies has been taken as the easiest way. Today (14/10/2017), while talking to the Al Jazira reporter, the immigration minister of Myanmar claimed that the exodus of the Rohingya Muslims was pre-planned by themselves to present it like ethnic cleansing to others. This is indeed a desperate move of the government to hide its own despicable crimes. This way they want to establish their own innocence. As if, the Rohingya Muslims killed, raped and evicted their own people themselves! Probably, sometimes they will say, the Army only tried to prevent it! While the Muslim villages were set on fire, they circulated similar lies. They claimed that Muslim villages are burnt by the Muslims themselves.

The UN’s moral failure
Allowing a malicious crime to take its toll is another crime. It is a crime of deliberate omission. Especially, if it is within the capacity of an organisation like the UN to stop it. Myanmar is not a big military power, the UN could easily and quickly stop this tool of the state-run terrorism if it had wished. Moreover, what else could be the most humanitarian service to the worst victims of an appalling crime than this? In fact, such a role of the UN is an indicator to tell whether the organisation is still morally alive or not. But the UN terribly failed on that count. Whereas, those who run the UN didn’t have any doubt about the gravity of the crime of Myanmar government. Even the UN Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres had to say that Rohingya people are the “fastest growing refugees in history”. The UN Human Right Commission labelled it as the “text book case of ethnic cleansing”. The international human rights organisations identified them as the “most persecuted minority” on earth. But the UN’s most powerful body called the Security Council didn’t show any intention to stop the crime. It is shameful as well as awful that the Security Council couldn’t find any time to discuss such a terrible act of evil even in three weeks’ time, let alone stop it. Instead, the state-run terrorism in Myanmar gained some added brutality because of visible appeasement by some veto-owning member countries like China and Russia. Therefore, the genocidal cleansing by the Myanmar government received more mileage to continue unfettered.

However, after a long lingering tactic, the members of the UN Security Council could afford to sit in a meeting on 28th of September, 20017. But in the meeting, they could only expose their own moral death. A wolf can’t the see the homicidal crime of another wolf. Those who are running genocidal massacres in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Xinjiang and turning cities into rubbles, how can they condemn the crime of Myanmar Army? Because of their own moral death, they failed to perceive the ongoing crime against the Rohingya Muslims, let alone condemn it. Therefore, the UN session ended without a single word against the perpetrators of the crime in Myanmar. As if, they have seen nothing and have heard nothing.

In fact, such moral death is not new for the UN.  Because of the moral death, the UN’s Security Council stayed only as a dead wood while the horrendous genocide took place in Bosnia in 1992, Rwanda in 1994 and Cambodia in 1975-79. In Srebrenica in Bosnia, the UN peace keepers were even complicit in the massacre of seven thousand Bosnian Muslims. From the UN-run so-called safe haven, the UN’s Dutch peace-keepers handed over the Bosnian Muslims to the Serb killers only to be killed in the nearby killing field. This time too, the UN Security Council has switched off its role to save the Rohingya Muslims from the Burmese genocidal wolves.

Such collective failure of the UN Security Council indeed owes to awful reality of the world’s current geo-politics. Not only the killing fields of Myanmar, the UN Security Council too, is embedded with the people who have visible love for the horrendous killers of other parts of the world. Hence, like the genocide in Cambodia, Bosnia and Rwanda, the genocide in Arakan couldn’t be stopped either. For the same reason, the brutal occupation of Palestine and Kashmir continues with all of its cruelties. The UN itself is hostage to states that carry not only the legacy of genocidal World Wars, but also celebrate the victory in hundreds of other colonial wars –many of them also led to genocidal ethnic cleansings. In such a state of global moral collapse, the state-run terrorism survives not only as the Burmese peculiarity. The US Army in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, the Chinese Army in Xinjiang, the Russian Air Force in Syria and the Indian Army in Kashmir are committing the same evil. The perpetrators of such state-run terrorism although differ in race, religion or language, but they are the true ideological cousins. Because of such ideological kinship, they couldn’t show iota of moral ability to utter a single word of condemnation against the Burmese criminals.

The policy of appeasement
Whoever stands silent in front of a killer, can’t be a friend of the victim. Such silence or inaction indeed appease and encourage only the killer. In the holy Qur’an, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala labelled the Muslims as the best people on earth. They are bestowed with such a supreme status only for three reasons: 1). they do the good deeds, 2). eradicate the crimes and 3). they believe in Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. (Sura Al-Imran, verse 110). Hence, a Muslim can never be a friend or appeaser of a crime, let alone doing it. But in the case of Rohingya Muslims, the issue is not mere appeasement and encouragement of the crime, it is much worse than that. The countries like Russia, India, Japan and China are not the silent appeasers, they have declared their solidarity with the brutality and ethnic cleansing policy of Myanmar government.

Only the people with proven moral death, show silence or inaction towards the terrible crimes. It is indeed a visible indicator of moral death. Mr Norendra Modi showed such moral death while he was the Chief Minister of Gujrat in India. He presided over the slaughtering of more than two thousands Indian Muslims and rape of Muslim women in Gujrat. Being a terrorist with Muslims’ blood in his hand, Mr Modi discovered anti-Muslim co-believers in the Burmese capital of Naypyidaw. Hence he rushed to Myanmar to say a bravo to his ideological cousins for the accomplished crime that he himself couldn’t carry out against the Indian Muslims. In wars, such moral death of civil and military elites gets easily pronounced –as seen in the genocidal World Wars and in wars of occupation and ethnic cleansing in the past. Such people can take people gleefully to the gas chambers or slit throat of innocent men, women and children. People’s life, liberty, chastity and sanctity do not matter to these morally dead people. They are concerned only with their own political, racial and economic gains. Because of such moral death, 75 million people had to die in two World Wars. And the Red Indians in America and the Aborigines in Australia had to meet ethnic cleansing. Because of similar moral death, the cities are bombed to rubbles and millions of people are killed in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Palestine. It is a stern reality that the Rohingya Muslims have been subject to similar morally dead people for almost 7 decades.

Deaths, rapes and mass eviction of the Rohingya Muslims owe not only to moral death of the ruling elite of Myanmar. Foreign actors –especially the elites of the UN and the rulers of countries like India, China, Russia, and Japan are also contributing to the crime for decades. On 5th of October 2017, London’s daily the Guardian published a very disturbing report. It exposed the UN’s ongoing severe internal problem. One of the UN’s own commissioned consultant submitted a report on Myanmar in May 2017 depicting the horrendous violation of human rights against these soft targets of racism. His research could find Myanmar Army’s huge preparation for a cleansing operation against the Rohingya Muslims within a very short time. He predicted a very serious deterioration of the situation in Arakan within 6 months. But the UN bosses ignored his crucial report; and even supressed its publication. The prediction proved to be hundred per cent true in September in 2017. Thus the UN shows its severe paralysis to receive any vital signals from its own nerve centres. Because of similar sensory paralysis in the past, the UN remained disconnected from horrendous genocides in Cambodia, Bosnia and Rwanda. The UN failed not only to discharge its own duty, but also kept the whole world in complete darkness about the ongoing horrendous crime on the planet.

Forgery of history & the blue print of genocide
In order to justify the genocidal ethnic cleansing, the Burmese racists distorted Arakan’s true history. They circulate a lie that the Rohingya Muslims are all illegal immigrants from Bengal. Whereas, the truth is otherwise. In most part of the history, Arakan was not a part of Myanmar. It was an independent state till 1784 and was a seat of Muslim sultanate with majority Muslim population. Even the south-eastern part of Bangladesh with its largest port city of Chittagong was a part of it. Since it lies on the bank of Bay of Bengal, it was easily accessible to the Arab traders who came to Arakan to preach Islam. As a result, hundreds of thousands of local people converted to Islam –as happened in Bangladesh, India, South-East Asia and many other parts of the world. Many of the Arab people also settled in this fertile piece of land. The independent state of Arakan was occupied by a Burmese invader in 1784. As result of this brutal foreign occupation, thousands of Arakan Muslims had to flee to the neighbouring state of Bengal to escape persecution and death –as it is happening now.

In 1824, Arakan was occupied by the British. Because of this shift in power, many of the displaced Muslims returned back to their ancestral land. In 1948, after the departure of the British colonialists, Arakan again fell in the hands of Burmese nationalists. During the previous occupations, the original name of Arakan was never changed. But the new Burmese occupiers gave a new name and new narrative to justify ethnic cleansing of its Muslim population. “Rakhine” –the name of a Burmese Buddhist tribe of Arakan was made the official name of historic Arakan. Now it stands as a fully occupied and colonised state of Myanmar.

As per strategy of ethnic cleansing, the Muslim population in Arakan is being continuously decimated, and the number of Burmese Buddhist settlers has been increased by planned migration from other parts of Myanmar. Now the Burmese Buddhists make two-third of the total population of Arakan. Such demographic decline of the Rohingya Muslims gives enough testimony to the success of ethnic cleansing strategy of Myanmar government. In 1952, the Rohingya Muslims were 1.2 million (Source: Countdown to Annihilation: Genocide in Myanmar, London’s Queen Mary University’s research study, published in 2015). Now it is 1.1 million. So there is 8% reduction in Rohingya population in last 65 years –which looks bizarre and unthinkable in comparison to huge population increase in Bangladesh and Pakistan. In the same period of time, the population in Bangladesh showed more than 4 times increase. In Pakistan, the increase was 6 folds. As per census of 1951, in former East Pakistan, the population was 42 million; and in 2017 it is estimated to be 170 million. As per same census, the population was 33.7 million in former West Pakistan in1951; and in 2017, it is 207 million. It shows how the population of the Rohingya Muslims is being continuously annihilated as per a blue print of ethnic cleansing. In fact, such cleansing only had some pauses in the past, but never stopped. And now, the cleansing of Muslims from Arakan has been given a final and an accelerated speed.  14/10/2017


وقت فرصت کہاں کام ابھی باقی ہے

اللہ تعالیٰ نے اپنے فضل وکرم سے ہمیں ایک کرپٹ  حکومت سے نجات دی۔  اس طرح تبلیغی جماعت کی یہ تھیوری ناکام ہوگئی کہ جیے عوام ویسی حکومت۔  اسلام کی 1400 سالہ تاریخ میں اللہ تعالیٰ  نے عمر بن عبدالعزیز ؒ اور صلاح الدین ایوبی اور قطب الدین ایبک اور اورنگ زیب عالمگیر جیسے نیک  و صالح حکمراں  عطا فرمائے۔ اس  لیے کہ رب تعالیٰ اپنی بہترین مخلوق اور بہترین امت  پر بے انتہا مہربان ہے۔ اس وقت اسرائیل میں ایک  بدعنوان اور کرپٹ وزیر اعظم  برسراقتدار ہے اور ہاکستان نے کرپٹ وزیر اعظم سے  بجات حاصل کرلی ہے۔ لہزآ امید ہے کہ اللہ تعالیٰ اسرائیل کے مقابلے میں پاکستان کو  فتح عطا فرمائےگا۔

بے شمارکام کرنے باقی ہیں۔

1 میڈیا سے فحاشی اور عریانی کا مکمل خاتمہ

2 نئی نسل کی  تعلیم کا  از سرنو آغاز جس میں غیرت و حمیت کو اعلیٰ مقم حاصل ہو۔

3  مسجدوں میں  خواتین کے لیے  علٰحیدہ  جگہ تاکہ وہ علم سیکھ کر بچوں کی تعلیم  کیا اہتمام کرسکیں

4  قران کریم کی پہلی  جماعت سے میٹرک تک مادری زبان میں ترجمے کے ساتھ تعلیم

5۔ کرپشن پر نظر رکھنے کے لیے    موجودہ  ایجنسیوں کی تشکیل نو  اور   ااس  امر کا  اہتمام کہ کرپٹ حکومت    اپنا   ٹرم پورا نہ کرسکے۔

6  فوج کی اسلامی  بنیاد پر ت شکیل نو تاکہ ہمارے جنرل امریکہ  کے تنخواہ دار نہیں بلکہ   اللہ کے فرمانبردار اور  متقی بن سکیں۔

7  قوم مین  لسانی اور نسلی تفریق کا خاتمہ اور  اللہ  کے لیے محبت اور اسی کے لیے  نفرت  کی تبلیغ اور اشاعت

8 دنیا کا  97 فی صد میڈیا  (ُپاکستن سمیت)  یہود کی  ملکیت  ہے جو  عوام میں  بے چینی اور مایوسی پھیلارہا  ہے۔ اس میڈیا کا قلع قمع

9  سودی  نطام کا خاتمہ اور  قرض  لینے پر مکمل پابندی

10  کرپٹ  سیاستدانون اور  نوکر شاہی  سے  پیسے پیسے کی  لازمی  واپسی کو یقینی بنانا


اللہ تعالیٰ  ملت اسلامیہ کی اصلاح فرمائے اور  ہمیں حشر کے روز  اپنے حضور  پیش  ہونے کے قابل  بنائے۔ آمین۔

کراچی 30 جولائی 2017

محمد جاوید اقبال کلیم

Downfall of the Muslims: A Review (Part-11)

I am pleased to quote verbatim from Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal


Celebrating the occupation                                      

Within the last 60 years, most of the Muslim countries have received independence from the direct rule of their colonial masters. But, the so-called independence doesn’t give the Muslims the basic religious rights to practise even the most crucial and defining Islamic obligations like sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim unity and jihad in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’al in any of these Muslim countries. Whereas, the Muslims fully enjoyed such rights in their lands prior to the colonial occupation. The so-called independence doesn’t give them the right to dismantle even the divisive wall of the Muslim World created only to serve the colonial interest. Nor does it allow to draw their political map on the basis of obligatory pan-Islamic brotherhood –as was the norm in most part of the Muslim history. The enemy-induced disintegration of the Muslim World into 57 states is now labelled as a part of international stability and security; no one is allowed to break the wall.

About 1.4 billion Indians of different religions, languages, casts and ethnicities live in one state. But less than 300 million Arab Muslims of same language, same religion and same ethnicity are forced to live inside the walls of more than 20 states –like the condemned detainees in prison cells. Such divisive prison cells –called states, are built only to protect the exploitative interest of the western imperialists, the security interest of Israel and the survival interest of the autocratic despots. The colonial kufr laws, the western evil ideologies, the corruptive politics and the economics of multi-national exploitation still maintain their unfettered occupation in these so-called independent states. What could the worst irony that the Muslims celebrate such occupation as liberation! The anti-Islamic secularist elites trained and tamed in the old colonial institutions play the most decisive role to sustain the occupation. In most of the Muslim countries, the civil and military enclaves of these ruling elites are indeed the ideological cum cultural islands of the Western imperialists. These enclaves show little dissimilarities from the Western main lands.

As a result of such occupation, trillions of dollars of oil, gas, petrodollars and other natural assets of the Muslim World are adding more affluence and military strength to the imperialist kuffars than to the Muslims. 1.6 billion Muslims continue to remain the most powerless and the most defenceless people on earth. Instead, they receive the non-stop wars, bomber jets, heavy artilleries, tanks, cluster bombs, chemical bombs, and missiles to kill more people and destroy more cities. Recently, the US President Mr. Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia; and sold 110 billion dollars of weapon to enhance the kingdom’s killing power against its own people and the neighbours. The USA also sold 12 billion dollars of weapons to a tiny country of Qatar with a native population less than four hundred thousand.   


For such an ongoing occupation of the Muslim countries, not a single group, generation or tribe to be blamed. It owes to the collective failure of the wholeummah. Rebellion against the orders of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and promoting their own opportunistic agenda indeed lie in the heart of all failures. They ignored the Islamic principle that obeying the Qur’anic prescription is an obligation on every Muslim; no one enjoys the exemption. Awfully, most of the Muslims pay little heed to such Qur’anic obligation. Islam is no more practised in the way as has been practised in the early days of Islam. When the Muslim countries remain occupied by the colonialists for about two hundred years, most of the Muslims showed total inaction or abstention. A very few took part in jihad against the occupying kuffars –although obligatory in all ages. Their action thus stands exactly opposite to that of the early Muslims. When the first Islamic state was attacked by the Arab, Persian or Roman kuffars, the Muslim participation in jihad was more than 90 cent percent. Only the sick, the blind and the lame stayed behind. In war against the invading Roman Army in Tabuk, only three Muslims didn’t take part. In response, they received a social boycott.


Iman of a believer never remains hidden; shows its visible expression through participation in war in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Physical, financial and intellectual involvement in jihad against the enemies of Islam indeed stands as the most reliable test of a Muslim’s faith. Even a hypocrite can dress like a Muslim. He can join the religious rituals and spent money in charity, too. But, he doesn’t possess the moral strength or appetite to sacrifice his life in a war against Islam’s enemies. The enemies of Islam now appear everywhere; almost all of the Muslim countries stand under their occupation. These forces of falsehood have dismantled sharia, hudud, shura, Muslim unity, Islamic education and other basics of Islam all over the Muslim World. But, where is jihad against these warring agents of falsehood? Instead, they accept them as the leader and celebrate their rule. Whereas, because of jihad, a few thousand people of Medina could raise the most powerful Islamic state in history. They could defeat two contemporary World Powers like the Roman and the Persian Empires. Within a very short period of time, they emerged as the most powerful state on earth. They could release millions of people from centuries-old slavery and tyranny. They could also practise full Islam with its sharia,hudud, shura, khelafa and trans-ethnic Muslim brotherhood without an iota of comprise. This is why, they got labelled as the best people on earth in all ages.






The collective failure


In comparison to the achievement of the early Muslims, failure of today’s 1.6 billion Muslims is awful and humiliating. They could raise large armies; and could also build huge number of shops, roads, schools, universities and industries. But, they can’t even think of any Islamic state in any part of the world, let alone establishing it. They have made history in inaction, submission and surrender. Millions of them have even taken the path of collaboration and coalition with the invading enemies only to appease their opportunistic greed. Thus, they could move towards a total failure not only on the earth but also in the hereafter. The moral depletion of today’s Muslims has been so profound that it has caused serious ethical inability to hate, condemn or protest against the most brutal enemy aggression in any part of the Muslim world. So, the largest anti-war demonstration against the US invasion in Iraq in 2003 didn’t take place in any of the big Muslim capitals like Jakarta, Islamabad Cairo, Dhaka or Ankara rather in London, Paris or Rome.


The symptoms of the collective failure of the Muslims are huge; expressed robustly through moral, cultural, spiritual, educational, ideological and political failures. Of ten topmost corrupt countries of the world, most are the Muslim countries. Similarly, the most brutal autocrats who deny the basic human rights to their own people also claim to be Muslim. These despots are so cruel and genocidal that they roll tanks and heavy artilleries on the streets to kill unarmed protestors –as seen in recent years in Cairo, Islamabad, Dhaka, Damascus, in many Muslim cities. The government of Syria dropped chemical bombs, barrel bombs and cluster bombs on the civilians to kill or evict them from homes. When the people of Gaza got the shower of Israeli bombs, the Egyptian government didn’t bother to open the border to receive even the wounded. When the traumatised Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar tried to take shelter in the neighbouring Bangladesh, their boats were not allowed to get nearer to the shore.


Such crimes in the Muslim World tells a lot about the collective failure of the Muslims. The criminal rulers are not the only party to the crime. Rather, the criminal complicity of the cowardice people who accept such native and foreign killers as the ruler and work as their obedient servants also bears the blame. Such submission to the criminal despots never add any dignity to any people; rather brings dreadful disgrace, failure and punishment both here and in the hereafter. Indeed, such submission to the criminal despots is incompatible with true iman. It takes people away from the Qur’anic roadmap, and works as a direct route to the hellfire. Hence, standing against tyrant rulers is not a political agenda, it is a prophetic job. To add more importance to that, Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) and many prophets were sent to stand face to face against the tyrants like Nimrod and Pharaoh. For freeing people from sinful submission to the evil rulers, jihad comes as the best form of ibadah. It stands as a Qur’anic obligation. To disseminate such a message, Allah Sub’hana Ta’la commands His great prophet (peace be upon him) to announce the following Qur’anic advice to the people in public: “O prophet! Say (to the people): I advise you only on one thing, rise up for Allah (against the criminals who oppose Islam) in two (if possible) or singly (on your own).” -(Sura Saba, verse 46).


Falsehood and its awful calamities never die. Instead, it keeps on challenging the Divine Truth all the time. In all ages, it gets new preachers, new leaders and new armies. Hence, the enmity to Islam that could attain the cataclysmic hype at the time of Nimrod and Pharaoh still survives under the US-led imperialists. Corrupting the Qur’anic ideology of Islam as well as the physical occupation of the Muslim ummah receive the highest priority in their politics, economics and warfare. For carrying out such anti-Islamic agenda, they have recruited a huge number of fake ulama, fraudulent Muslim intellectuals and mercenaries from the Muslim lands. They consider the rise of Islam as a great threat to the western civilisation. In his meeting on July 6, 2017 with the Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin in Hamburg, the US President Mr. Donald Trump very candidly expressed such fear. To encounter the Islamic challenge, he sought very earnestly the Russian collaboration. Such a request for the Russian help exposes his deep fear that the US alone can’t win its war against the Islam. Such Islamophobia dominates not only in the psyche of President Donald Trump; the leaders of EU, Russia, IndiaChina and other non-Muslim countries are no exception. These kuffar countries have a lot of differences on a lot of issues; but while they deal with Islam and the Muslims, show the full consensus. Because of such consensus, these imperialist countries could easily give the full legality to the illegal creation of Israel on an entirely occupied Muslim land of Palestine. Now, they show the full consensus too, in condemning any resistance against such illegal occupation as terrorism. Because of the same anti-Islamic venom, fighting against the US-led occupying force in a Muslim land get condemned as terrorism.


Each of the imperialist countries has its old anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic war in its own domain. Such wars take these countries naturally and understandably to the anti-Muslim camp. The USA is heavily entangled in its long and never-ending imperialistic war against the Islamists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Palestine. The US Army has killed more than a million people in those countries and turned hundreds of cities and villages to rubbles. Thus the US has already raised a huge flame of hatred in the Muslim souls; and every day they are adding more fuel to the flame by killing more people. Russia has the similar genocidal war in Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan and Syria. In 1999, the Russian Army flattened the whole city of Grozny –the capital of Chechnya and killed thousands. The Russian war planes also flattened historic Syrian city of Aleppo and many other in Syria, too. India’s war in Kashmir and China’s war in Xinjiang are no less genocidal either. More than a hundred thousand Muslims have already been killed in Kashmir. The Indian Army’s killing mission still continues with more lethal weapons. Indian Prime Minister Norendra Modi’s recent visit to Israel will definitely add more killing skills and weapons to the Indian Army. Anyone who stands against such killing of the Muslims is labelled as terrorist. But what an irony that those who occupy foreign countries, flatten cities and kill millions claim to be the torch bearer of a civilisation –as Donald Trump claims that the US is defending Western civilisation! Therefor the question arises, what else is barbarity? On such a perverted conceptual premise, evicting people from homes, total destruction of cities and bombing people to death are declared as victory. Therefore, almost total destruction of Aleppo, Ramadi, Fallujah, Tikrit, Kobani, Raqqa and Mosul is celebrated as a great victory both by the occupying power and their cronies.





The moral collapse


To condemn brutalities, it doesn’t cost physical energy, money or blood; it only needs sound soul and morality. The Muslims have failed utterly to show such soul and morality. Instead, millions of them have joined the celebration of occupation and destruction. Thousands of them work as the mercenaries to strengthen the foreign occupation. In 2003, many Iraqis were seen dancing in the street of Baghdad while the country was taken over by the US invaders. In 2001, that happened in Kabul, too. In 2016, thousands of people in Mali celebrated the French takeover. This owes to deep de-Islamisation and total ideological conversion. Such de-Islamisation cum the ideological conversion to secularism, tribalism, nationalism, and western liberalism are the key strategies of any anti-Islamic rule in any part of the Muslim World. The enemies of Islam may fail in religious conversion, but have been very successful to cause such ideological conversion. As a result, these converts could accept the heroes of the enemies as their own heroes; and could overlook the worst crimes of occupation and exploitation. Because of such moral perversion, they could celebrate the total destruction of the cities in Iraq and Syria as great victories.


Robbers, killers, and thieves also celebrate their worst crimes as great successes. The imperialists, the colonialists, the capitalists and the invaders too, celebrate their worst crimes. This is why, destruction of entire Mosul and other Iraqi and Syrian cities generated such a huge sense of triumph in the imperialist camp. A Shia can also celebrate such destruction of a major Sunni Muslim city. But, how a Sunni Muslim could join such celebration? It is only possible when moral death precedes the physical death. Such moral death is so profound in the Muslim World that not a single Muslim country or a single Islamic organisation came forward to condemn such an entire destruction of Mosul. With such an absence of morality, how one would stand in front of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’al and His prophet (peace be upon him) on the Day of Judgement? On the day of judgement, every Muslim will be asked to give the account vis-à-vis his or her contribution to save the ummah from such awful occupation and destruction. Will be also asked, how his or her physical, intellectual and financial ability or endowment was spent.


In annals of history, people have read horrendous brutalities of the crusaders and the Mongol warlords like Chengis and Halaku. But their brutality look novice if compared to the industrial scale of destruction by the US-led coalition, Russia and the Muslim collaborators in Mosul, Aleppo, Raqqa, Homs, Hams, Ramadi, Tikrit, Falluja, Kobani and many other historic cities. These cities could survive the Mongol atrocities, but couldn’t stand on their feet this time. These cities are now piles of rubbles; not a single building stands intact. For such planned destruction, the selfish rulers forged alliance with the USA and Russia –the countries which have the highest expertise in this field. They asked for aerial bombing on these Muslim cities. Hence, what the US could do in Hiroshima and Nagasaki or what Russian could do in Grozny, they did hundred times more in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen. They have also shown how they enjoy the worst crimes in the Muslim land.


Such a wholesale depletion of morality never happened in the past. While the European colonialists were engaged in colonial occupation of the weaker peoples of Asia, Africa, Americas, Australia and New Zealand and were conducting an ethnic cleansing of Red Indians, Aborigines, and Maoris or while Adolf Hitler of Germany was putting Jews in the gas chambers, at least there were some people to condemn such utter barbarity. But now, a huge void has overwhelmed the whole moral premise all over the world. Therefore, the brutal occupation of Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and Iraq and dropping of chemical bombs, cluster bombs, barrel bombs, chemical bombs and mother of all bombs could go un-condemned in the UNO, OIC, Arab League and other international forums. In such a state of occupation and state-run terrorism, even the most basic religious rights of the Muslims stay heavily restrained. Even in Islam’s heart lands, those who want to practise sharia, hudud, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslims unity, jihad against occupation and other obligatory basics of Islam are killed with a label of terrorism. Even the popular election victory of the Islamist is condemned as terrorism –as happened in Algeria in 1992, in Palestine in 2006 and in Egypt in 2012. As if, non-conversion to the Western ideologies and non-acceptance of the imperialists’ dominance on the Muslim World are the marker of terrorism. Hence, even fair election victory of the Islamists in any Muslim country is not acceptable to the West. Whereas, making war, dividing a Muslim country and killing people for tribal, linguistic, nationalist, Christian or Jewish agenda is not considered a crime. Instead, receives Western supports –as given to the brutal war for the creation of Israel, South Sudan and Kurdistan on the Muslim lands.





Muslims with a different identity


Today’s Muslims appear with a different identity from the early Muslim on many counts. Firstly, they failed very badly to respond to the Call of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la which entails that they must stand for the weak and fight against the tyrants and their falsehood. The Qur’anic Call of the Almighty Allah comes in the following verse: “What happened to you that you do not fight in the way of Allah and for the cause of the oppressed who are men, women and children and who say, “O Our Lord, take us out of this city of the oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a protector and appoint for us from Yourself a helper.” –(Sura Nesa, verse 75).  Such failure to respond to the Call of Almighty Lord led to other failures. They survive as a Muslim only by name; but not in true faith, practice and morality. Inaction, abstention or submission to the tyrant rulers and accepting their lies has been the way of their life. Therefore, although the tyrant rulers no more survives in Europe, America, Japan, India and other kuffar lands, but thrive in the Muslim World. In fact, the Muslim World is heavily embedded with these brutal despots. In all ages, like today, such tyrants have been the formidable enemies of Islam; and worked as trusted friends of Satan. These are the people who are now working as the partners of the US-led coalition to give sustenance to the imperialist occupation in the Muslim World. Because of the enemy occupation and the consequential deep de-Islamisation, the Divine mission like calling people to the Qur’anic Truth, raising a formidable army of the believers, practising sharia, building an Islamic state and engaging in jihad is now labelled as terrorism.


One can’t comprehend the prophet’s (peace be upon him) mission and the rapid emergence of early Muslims’ as the most powerful civilizational power if he or she fails to understand the survival agenda of the early Muslims. Those early heroes of Islam lived only to please Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and died only to please Him. Such survival objective made them highly committed for the cause of Islam. In fact, this is the most distinctive merits of the early Muslims that helped them build the only true humane civilization on earth. But such qualities of the early Muslims are conspicuously absent in today’s Muslims. Therefore, they make history in other ways. Instead of standing for Islam and the Muslims, they invest their all merits and even life for tribal, racial, national, secular and other anti-Islamic agenda. They look so deeply dissimilar in faith, deeds, politics and culture from the early Muslims that seldom could be labelled as the same Muslims with the same faith, the same vision and the same objective. As a result, the outcomes haven’t been the same either. The earlier Muslims could claim the glory of the best people and best civilization on earth. But now they earn the worst disgrace and humiliation.






The continued failure & the enemy takeover



Failure breeds more failures. And a chain of failures creates cherished opportunities for the enemies. Invading bugs brings physical death. The invading enemies brings moral, ideological and civilizational death. Now, the whole Muslim World is experiencing the pain of such awful death. Hence, Islam that was practised by the prophet (peace be upon him) and the early Muslims survives only in the holy Qur’an and in the history books, not in any Muslim country. The corrupted beliefs and practices have taken its places. Such catastrophic failure of the Muslims started with the dismantling of the Islamic state that was built by the prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions. An Islamic state and its institutions work as the most powerful transformational social industry to add life-changing concepts, beliefs, ideologies, education, culture and values to the people. A non-Islamic state exactly does the opposite. An Islamic state has no substitute; other institutions like mosques, madrasah, sufi khanqa, family, schools and university can’t do its jobs. In fact, the mass scale production of the best humans was possible only at the time of the Islamic state –established by the prophet (peace by him). Hence, in Islam, it is the most important and the most precious institution, too. It needs the highest amount of sacrifice to secure its existence and sanctity; in fact, more than 70 per cent of the companions had to sacrifice their life for its creation and defence. Narration from the prophet (peace be upon him) emphasizes: “Spending a moment for its defence at the frontier is better than spending the whole night in prayer”. Hence, the prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam took part in that great job, too. He went to the war for more than twenty times. In one of the wars (in Ohud), he was badly wounded and lost his teeth. But later on, the Muslims failed to defend this Divine institution.


With the collapse of the Islamic state (khelafa), the Muslims received the most catastrophic blow to their Islamic faith, identity, security and civilisation. Absence of Islamic state created a political or institutional void that was quickly filled in by a series of hostile states and state-run hostile institutions. Such an inimical state may  claim to a be Muslim state; but may make it impossible for its citizens to be a fully practising Muslim by obstructing the practice of sharia, shura, hudud, Muslim unity, jihad and other obligatory prescription of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. The Muslims thus get deprived of an Islamisation process that is so crucial to help them grow up as true Muslim. Even a kuffar state can build a plenty of roads, shops, schools, hospitals and industries. But, such a state also builds a lot of roads to take the people to the hellfire. Only an Islamic state is an exception; it builds the highway (siratul mustaqeem) to take people to the paradise. Such a highway works through rightly functioning mosques, Islamic rituals, education, legislation, culture, politics, judiciary and warfare.


In absence of an Islamic state, the enemies of Islam –both internal and external, get a free space to work against Islam and the Muslims. They build coercive states and state institutions to corrupt the Muslims’ faith, deeds, culture and morality to take them to the hellfire. This is why, all the imperialistic kuffars are so supportive of the anti-Islamic coercive despots of the Muslim World. These despots are taken as the partner in their war against Islam and Islamists. In order to encounter such a state-led offence, building and defending an Islamic state is crucial. It is so important that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself needed to head the Islamic state himself and lead many crucial wars to give it a secure standing in the enemy-infested world. Prophet Dawood (peace be upon him) had to do the same. But now, the story is altogether different. Most of the Muslims now stand against any initiative to establish an Islamic state. They even label any resurgence of Islam as extremism and terrorism. States and state institutions of the Muslim World stay under the full occupation of the people who have no faith in Qur’anic guidance. Because of such occupation by the enemies, a rapid process of de-Islamisation started with full force all over the Muslim World. The huge infrastructures of the secular states are being used to take people away from Islam and to spread all form of evils on earth. Because of scientific advancement, the corruptive power of the modern state and its secular institutions are more pervasive than that existed in the old days of jaheliya. The custodians of the old jaheliya like Nimrod, Pharaoh and Abu Jahl didn’t allow Islamic ideology any access to their own domains. Similarly, the custodians of the new generation of jaheliya like nationalism, secularism, capitalism, socialism, liberalism do not give the Qur’anic prescription any access to their restricted premises of law, politics, judiciary, education, legislation, culture and economics. This way, the ugliest crimes against Allah Sub’hana Ta’la and His Qur’an are being committed in Muslim lands by the Muslims themselves.


Hence, establishing an Islamic state isn’t politics for the Muslims; it is indeed the most important survival need for every believer. Otherwise, he loses the chance to do the full practice of Islam. In its absence, he fails to grow up as a full Muslim. Therefore in Islam, the highest act of piety is not five times prayers, month-long fasting, haj or jakat; but the war for ending the kuffaroccupation and establishing or protecting an Islam state. Only this way, a Muslim can save his own iman and the iman of other Muslims. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did it; his companion did it, too. How a Muslim could be true Muslim without adhering to the prophetic tradition. More than a billion Muslims make five-time prayers a day and keep month-long fasting each year. Many millions of them perform haj and umrah each year. They make lengthy supplication, too. But such rituals and supplication of more than a billion people couldn’t protect the Muslims from the imposed occupation, deaths and destruction. Nor could keep alive the practices of the early Muslims. One who abstains from the Qur’anic Call of Allah Sub’hana of Ta’ala, his supplication and rituals do not work. The enemies also know that such rituals and supplication can’t put any resistance against their occupation, hence they encourage to confine the practice of Islam within such rituals and supplication. But they fear jihad; so the USA needed to forge an international coalition with more than 60 states to fight jihad. So they spread slander against it.


To give sustenance to the absence of an Islamic state and its institutions, the enemies of Islam are desperate to keep the occupation for an unending period. Since they want to keep occupation also in the fields of ideology, politics, economics and culture, they are war-ready on every fronts. They deployed a huge number of trained mercenaries not only as foot soldiers in war fields, but also in the fields of intellectual, ideological and cultural warfare. In every Muslim country, the propaganda weapons of the enemies like TV, radio and newspapers get regular supply of intellectual, ideological and cultural ammunitions from these well tamed mercenaries. As per assigned entitlement, they are conspicuously mum on the war crimes of the imperialists, but very vocal to fabricate slanders against Islam and the Islamists. In every Muslim country, they work not only in the government institutions, but also under the banner of Non-Government Organisations (NGO).


To pursue an all-inclusive war strategy from a safe haven, the USA has built its largest embassy not in any of the kuffar lands, but in Islam’s historic heartland like Baghdad. Such castle like embassies are also built in Kabul, Islamabad, Ankara, Riyadh, Cairo, Dhaka, and in other Muslim capitals. Apart from diplomacy, the US staff in these castles do other things to keep alive their imperialistic supremacy. For the same war strategy, they built a large Air Force base in Qatar, a huge Naval base in Bahrain and many Army bases in Saudi Arab, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman, Syria and many other places of the Muslim World. It is no secret that the whole of the Muslim World is under their radar. All the Islamist leaders -those who want to take the Muslims back to Islam of the early days, are registered as the targets of the USA’s drone killing. Such killings are going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. Such killing mission is also carried out by their autocratic cronies.


So, the Muslims are left with little choice. Those who survive only to please Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la and are ready to sacrifice their life for a place in paradise could dare to stand up against such imperialist occupation and state terrorism. Others –including the most of the ulama, imams, so-called Islamic scholars, Muslim intellectuals and political leaders who live only to fulfil their selfish agenda, have already surrendered to the enemies. So, they are mum, too. They are vocal only against the Islamists who want to establish Islamic state. Like the ulama of the Bani Israel, they have been very successful to hide the Qur’anic Islam from the public eye. As a result of their wide spread evil, Islam that prescribes sharia, hudud, shura, khelafa, Muslim unity and jihad in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la stands stranger in the Muslim World; even gets abused inside the mosque as terrorism! (18/07/2017). To be continued.

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بے شک تیرے رب کی گرفت بہت شدید ہے۔۔ لیکن میاں نواز شریف جیسے امریکی ایجنٹ اللہ کو سپریم پاور نہیں مانتے بلکہ امریکہ اور چین ہی کو سپر پاور سمجھتے ہیں۔ اسی لیے ان کی ہمت یہاں تک بڑھ جاتی ہے کہ وہ جمعہ کی تعطیل ختم کرکے اتوار کی چھٹی کردیتے ہیں۔ حالانکہ  57 مسلم ممالک جمعہ ہی کو تعطیل کرتے ہیں۔ اس کے علاوہ ذاتی فائدے کے لیے چین کو مراعات فراہم کرتے ہیں۔ چین اپنی انڈسریز کو نہ صرف مفت زمین فراہم کرتا ہے بلکہ بجلی بھی مفت دیتا ہے۔ اگر یہ روش جاری رہی تو پاکستانی صنعتیں تباہ ہوجائیں گی۔ اور لاکھوں کارکن بے روز گار ہوجائں گی۔ 

نواز شریف پاگل تو ہے مگر اتنا پاگل نہی کے ذاتی مفاد کو نظر انداز کردے۔ اس نے چین کی تمام مصنوعات کو درآمد کرنے کی اجازت دیدی ہے۔ سوائۓ اسٹیل کی مصنوعات کے کیوں کہ اسٹیل کی انڈسٹری اُس کی اپنی ہے۔ اسلئے وہ چین سے مصنوعات نہیں درآمد کرنا چاہتا۔

ممتاز محقق جناب اسرار عالم نے  پندرہ سال پہلے بتادیا تھا کہ کیوں کہ امریکہ میں مسلمان کافی تعداد میں آباد ہیں اور اسلام تیزی سے پھیل رہا ہے اس لیے چین صیہونی قیادت کے لیے بہت محفوظ جگہ ہے، کیوں کے چینی بالعموم اپنی حکومت کی پالیسیوں کی مخالفت نہیں کرتے۔ اس لئے مسلمانوں کے کٹر دشمن یہودیوں کے لیے چین محفوظ ٹھکانہ ہے۔ اس لیے ہم نے دیکھا کہ امریکہ کے دورے کے بجائے نواز شریف  چین کے چکر لگاتا رہا ہے۔

اگر نواز شریف کی چین نواز پالیسیوں کو لگام نہ دی گئی تو ملک میں بے روزگاری کا سیلاب آجائے گا۔ مرکزی حکومت کا کام صوبوں کو کرپشن سے روکنا ہے۔ لیکن جو خود کرپشن میں مبتلا ہو وہ کیسے  دوسروں کو اُس سے روک سکتا ہے۔اللہ کا شکر ہے کہ عمران خان کی شکل میں متبادل قیادت موجود ہے۔ اور نواز لیگ کے ہٹنے سے کوئی طوفان نہیں آجائے گا۔ اللہ ہی جسے چاہتا ہے اقتدار دیتا ہے  اور جس سے چاہتا ہے چھین لیتا ہے۔عزت اور ذلت اُسی کے ہاتھ میں ہے۔ اور وہ ہر چیز پر قادر ہے۔

امید کی جاتی ہے کہ تحریک انصاف کے برسراقتدار آنے کے بعد ڈاکٹر طاہر مسعود اور حسن نثار اور اوریا مقبول جان جیسے  خوشامدیوں کی صحافت کا خاتمہ ہوجائے گا۔ اور دیانتدار صحافی مقبول ہوں گے۔ اور میڈیا کو جس بے شرمی اور بے غیرتی کی چھوٹ دیدی گئی ہے اس کا خاتمہ ہوگا۔

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جماعت سے لوگوں کو بڑی امیدیں تھیں کیونکہ اس کا قیام کسی فرقہ کی تعلیم یا علاقائی عصبیت کے سبب عمل میں نہیں اٰیا تھا۔ بلکہ اس کے بانی سید ابواعلیٰ مودودی کے فہم قران کے سبب وجود پذیر ہوا تھا۔ لیکن ہم جیسے سادہ لوح جس کے پرچم اٹھاتے اور جس کے جلسوں میں دریاں بچھاتے رہے
وہ اکثریتی جماعت کی خوشنودی اور اُس سے مراعات سمیٹنے میں یقین رکھتی ہے۔ کیا یہ محض اتفاق ہے کہ جماعت کے تربیت یافتہ شفیع نقی جامعی ٗ جاوید ہاشمی اور حسین حقانی برسر اقتدار جماعت کے کارکن بنے اوربلکہ فاروق مودودی تو پاکستان دشمن عوامی لیگ کی لیڈر حسینہ واجد سے پاکستان سے غداری کا انعام بھی لے آئے۔ کاش اُسے اسلام کی نمائندہ جماعت سمجھنے والے سید قطب ؒ اور سید موودی کے انجام ہی سے جان لیتے کہ جو جذبہ اور لگن سید قطب ؒ میں تھا وہ سید مودودی ؒ میں نہیں تھا جبھی قطب شہادت پاگئے اور مودودی محروم رہے۔
یہ کوئی اتفاق نہیں ہے کہ آپا نثارفاطمہ کے صاحبزادے احسن اقبال نواز لیگ کے ایم این اے اور وزیر بنے اور انہوں نے سودی قرضوں کے ذریعے خوشحالی لانے کے ڈھونگ میں سرگرمی سے حصہ لیا۔ بلکہ حسین حقانی تو آصف زرداری جیسے بے ضمیر سیاستداں کے ایجنٹ بننے اور امریکہ کے لیے پاکستان کی جاسوسی کرنے میں بھی شرم نہیں آئی۔ جماعت کی شوریٰ کے فہم ولیا قت کا بھانڈا اسی سے پھوٹتا ہے کہ اس کے ارکان سراج الحق جیسے مفاد پرست اور بے ضمیرشخص کو لیڈر منتخب کرلیتے ہیں جو عمران خان کی مخالفت کرکے نواز لیگ سے رقم بٹورتا ہے اور سپریم کورٹ میں پیسے بچانے کے لیے نا اہل وکیل مقرر کرکے عدالت کو اپنی غیر سنجید گی کا ثبوت فراہم کرتا ہے۔
حال ہی میں وہ جمعیت العلماء اسلام کے ایک لیڈر سے ملا اور اس کے ساتھ اتحاد قائم کرنے کی درخواست کی۔ دیکھا جائے تو فرقہ وارانہ جماعتوں کو خوش کرنے اور ان کے ساتھ اتحاد قائم کرنا قرانی ہدایت کے خلاف ہے۔ اللہ تعالیٰ نے فرقے بنانے سے واضح طور رپر منع فرمایا ہے اور نہ ماننے والوں کو سخت عذاب کی نوید سنائی ہے۔ کوئی فرقہ صحیح نہیں ہے بلکہ ہمارے لیے حضرت ابراہیم علیہ السلام کا پسندیدہ نام مسلمین ہی درست ہے۔ کیا قران کے ترجمے اور تفسیر میں ساری عمر کھپادینے کے باوجود سید مودودی کو یہ بات سمجھ میں نہ آئی کہ وہ سیاسی فائدہ کے لیے نام نہاد دینی جماعتوں سے اتحاد نہ کریں بلکہ جماعت اسلامی ہونے کا حق ادا کریں ورنہ اللہ تعالیٰ کی نظر میں منافق ٹھیریں گے۔
اللہ کی لعنت ہو مجیب الرحمان شامی جیسے منافق مصنفین پر جو سرا ج الحق جیسے منافق شخص کی حمایت کرتے رہے اور اس کی سادگی اور کفایت شعاری کے گن گاتے رہے۔ خدا جانے مجھے یہ خوش فہمی کیوں تھی کہ جب نچلے متوسط طبقے سے قیادت ابھرےگی تو کسی مفاد پرستی سے گریزکرے گی۔ مشرف نے جو فوجی افسروں کو نجی اداروں کی طرح پرسنل اکاءنٹ دیے تھے وہ جماعت اسلامی اور جمیعت العلماء کے رہنمائوں کو خریدنے کے لیے تھے۔ جمعت العلماء تو خیر سدا کی پاکستان دشمن تھی۔ لیکن جماعت ایک محب وطن جماعت ہونے کا دعویٰ کرتے ہوئے بھی فوجی جنرلز کی آلہ کار بنی جو پاکستان سے عمدہ تنخواہ لینے کے باوجود امریکہ کے پے رول پر رہے۔ سو وہ ہمارے نہیں ہمارے دشمن کے ہمدرد ہیں۔
اللہ تعالیٰ سے دعا ہے کہ ہمیں وہ بے ضمیراور بے غیرت رہنما نما رہزنوں سے نجات دلائے اور صرف اور صرف اپنی ذات والا صفات پر یقین رکھنے والا بنائے۔ آمین کتنے عرصے سے ہم کبھی برطانیہ کبھی امریکہ اور کبھی چین کی بر وقت امداد کی توقع کرتے رہے اور اللہ رب العزت کے اس فرمان کو قابل اعتنا ء نہ سمجھا۔
وما لکم من دون اللہ من ولی ولا نصیر
کراچی 22 جون، 17
محمد جاوید اقبال کلیم

یہ کم ہمتی و بزدلی

نہ قرینہ تجھ میں خلیل کا نہ سلیقہ مجھ میں کلیم کا
میں ہلاک جادوءے سامری تو قتیل شیوہ آذری
منافقت اس قدر عام ہے کہ مغرب سب کچھ جان کربھی کچھ نہیں جانتا اور مشرق مغرب سے اس قدر مرعوب و متاثر ہے کہ معلوم ہی نہیں ہوتا کہ
اس میں مرد بھی بستے ہیں۔ مزے کی بات ہے جس مغربی شخص نے پنامہ لیکس کا راز عام کیا وہ کوئی مرد نہیں بلکہ ایک ہیجڑا ہے۔ پاکستان میں منافقت اس قدر عام ہے کہ چیف جسٹس ہو یا چیف آف آرمی اسٹاف دولتِ دنیا کی خاطر اپنے مقام اور مرتبے سے گرجاتے ہیں۔ انھیں نہ خدا کے غضب کا خوف رہا ہے اور نہ رسول کریم صلی اللہ کو منھ دکھانےکی فکر۔
میں نے پندرہ برس لیبر کورٹ سے لے کر سپریم کورٹ تک لیبر کے حقوق کے مقدمات لڑے ہیں۔ میں نے بعض مسلمان ججوں کی لالچ اور بے ایمانی دیکھی ہےاور ایک عیسائی جج ڈینیئل کی دیانت داری دیکھی ہے۔
جیسے ہے نواز شریف کی جانب سے قطر کے شہزادے سے رقم لینے کا اعتراف سامنے آیا تھا۔ اسے فورا نااہل قرار دے کر جیل بھیج دینا چاہیئے تھا۔ کیوں کہ قطری شہزادے نے دولت پاکستان کی حکومت کو دی تھی نہ کہ نواز شریعف کے ذاتی اکاءونٹ کے لیے۔ اور اگر یہ رقم نواز شریف کو ذاتی طور پر دی گئی تھی تو یقیناً یہ ایک رشوت تھی جس کے سبب اسے فورا نااہل قرار دے کر گرفتار کیا جانا چاہیئے تھا۔ مگر پانچ سینیئر اور مقتدر جج یہ فیصلہ نہ کرسکے۔ کسی کو میاں نواز شریف سے دوستی یاد آگئی اور کسی کو اس کی دولت نے باز رکھا۔ عمران خان کے وکلاء کو برقت یہ بات نہیں سوجھی۔ اس طرح وہ مقدمہ جیتنے کا ایک نادر مقوقع گنوا بیٹھے۔
سوچ تو دل روتا ہے کہ ان کے ہیجڑے ہمارے مردوں سے زیادہ حوصلہ رکھتے ہیں۔ اور ہمارے اہل اقتدار میں خواہ وہ سیاستداں ہوں یا جج یا فوجی جنرل ایک مرد کی جراءت و ہمت نہیں ہے۔ حالانکہ اقبال بتا گئے ہیں کہ
آئین جوان مرداں حق گوئی و بے باکی
اللہ کے شیروں کو آتی نہیں روباہی۔
کراچی 11 جون 2017 محمد جاوید اقبال کلیم

یہ ملعون میڈیا

قوم صوم نماز روزے اور تراویح میں مصروف ہے۔لیکن یہ ملعون میڈیا اور اخبار سوفی صد اپنے یہودی مالکوں کے غلام بنے ہوئے ہیں۔ اور ایک آدھ ہی استثنا نظر آتا ہے۔ افطار کے وقت کے انتظار مین ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود کی ہفوات سن رہا تھا۔ وہ کہہ رہا تھا پاکستان میں جو بھی اقتدار سے محروم ہو ا وہ یا مارا گیا یا ذلیل و خوار ہوا اور وہ اسکندر مرزا اور شہید ملت لیاقت علی خاں کو اس ضمن میں مثال کے طور پر پیش کررہا تھا۔ اس مردود سے نہ ہوا کہ امریکی حکومت کی دخل اندازی اور شہید ملت اور ضیاء الحق کے قتل کی زمہ داری امریکہ پر رکھتا اور بے نظیر کی شہادت کا ذمہ دار بھی امریکہ کو قرار دیتا ۔ کیوں کہ یہ بات اب کوئی راز نہیں رہی کہ امریکہ پاکستانی حکومتوں میں مداخلت کرتا آیا ہے اور اس نے کئی حکمرانوں کو قتل کیا ہے۔
صاف نظر آتا ہے کہ ہمارے اینکر منافق ہیں اور جو زیادہ معاوضہ دے اس کے ایجنٹ۔ ظاہر ہےکہ یہودی بینکوں سے زیادہ معاوضہ کون دے سکتا ہے۔
ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود بھی ایسا منافق ہے اور امریکہ کی پاکستانی سیاست میں مداخلت کو چھپانا چاہتا ہے۔ یہ وہی ڈرامہ باز ہے جو ایک طرف اختتام وقت قریب ہونے پر پروگرام کرتا ہے اور دوسری جانب زرداری کے بلانے پر پی ٹی وی کا سبراہ بن جاتاہے۔

اایسےہی بے ضمیر اینکرس ہمارے عقل و شعور پر بچھو بن کر مسلط ہیںامریکہ میں رہ کر پاکستانی اخبار میں کالم لکھنے والی ایک مخلوط عورت نے لکھا ہے کہ پاکستانی جنرل سوچتے ہیں کہ وہ پاکستان کے لیے کیوں لڑیں ۔کیوں کہ جب پاکستان میں لال مسجد والے مولوی عبدالعزیز فوجی افسروں کو مارنے کے باوجود
آج بھی عزت سے دیکھے جاتے ہیں۔ لیکن مسجد پر کیمائی ہتیاروں سے حملہ کرنے والے اب بھی واجب التعظیم سمجھے جاتے ہیں۔ کاش کوئی اسے بتاتا کہ جنرل تو ویسے ہی امریکہ سے ملنے والی تنخواہ کے لیے لڑتے ہیں۔ یہ تو عام فوجی ہیں یا جونئیر افسر جو اللہ کی رضا کے لیے جنگ کرتے ہیں۔ اللہ تعالی دین حق کے لیے لڑنے والوں کو فتح و کامرانی عطا فرمائے۔ آمین۔